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Por La Gente strives towards promoting athletics & recreation and awards scholarships to Latino High School students of the Racine County area. Since 1985, PLG has awarded 90 scholarships to Racine area high school graduates totaling over $100K.

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Current Status: Closed

The 2023-2024 Por La Gente Association College Athletic/Academic/Community Service Scholarship Application is now CLOSED. In an effort to promote educational opportunities to Latino youth that live in Racine County, the Por La Gente Association has established the Latino Athletic, Academic and Community Scholarship to be awarded to area high school students.  

SCHOLARSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: To qualify for our scholarships, applicants must: (1) be of Latino descent, (2) be a Racine County resident, (3) be in their final year of high school and (4) scheduled to attend a post-secondary institution on a full-time basis beginning the ensuing fall semester. 

ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP:  This scholarship is based on athletic achievement and participation in interscholastic sports competition.  Applicants should demonstrate exceptional athletic ability, team leadership and/or good sportsmanship in their sports involvement.

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP:  This scholarship is based on academic achievement.  Applicants should demonstrate exceptional academic ability.​

COMMUNITY SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP:  This scholarship is based on extracurricular and community involvement.  Applicants should demonstrate exceptional participation in school activities as well as community service.

*Financial need and economic background will also be considered in the selection process. 


Since 1985, we have given out 90 scholarships.  Less than the scholars that are currently in school, we have 36 who have achieved a bachelor’s degree – better than 33%. Given that there are a few that have disappeared, if you are aware of some of these former students and can help update our information, please forward that to our email.


  • ​90 Scholars Total

  • 36 Bachelor Degrees

  • 5 Masters Degree

  • 3 Doctoral Degree

  • Over $100,000 disbursed

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