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PLG History 1979.png

Por La Gente Team Picture 1979 (PLG Founders are in bold)
Top Row (L-R): Richie Salinas, Eddie Cruz, Juan Cervantes; 2nd Row (L-R): Mario Guzman, Johnny Felix,
Juan Martinez, Bobby Lozano, Eddie Guzman; 3rd Row (L:R): Eloy Lozano, Alex Trevino, Herman Guzman, Alex Cruz and
Bottom Row (L-R): Julio Guzman, Bobby Guzman (bat boy), Roy Moralez.

In 1977, a core group of predominantly Hispanic men united to form a softball team, known as Por La Gente. They quickly garnered a reputation for their unwavering dedication, exceptional athleticism, and outstanding sportsmanship on the ball diamonds of Racine. Throughout their journey, the Por La Gente team found strength in the unwavering support of their families, fans, and spectators.

In 1984, after securing victory in a prestigious tournament, the members of Por La Gente were inspired to channel their success toward a greater purpose. Rather than dividing their winnings amongst themselves, they were driven by a shared commitment to invest in the future of their community. Thus, the Por La Gente Scholarship Program was born, coinciding with the establishment of Por La Gente as a non-profit organization.

Since its inception, the Por La Gente Scholarship Program has remained steadfast in its mission to empower Hispanic students by providing them with access to higher education opportunities. Through the generosity and foresight of the Por La Gente team, countless lives have been transformed, embodying the spirit of 'Por La Gente'—for the people, by the people."

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